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Michael and Anne from Sussex explain how they were attracted by Duncan’s gentle and relaxed approach.

They also discuss how he encourages them to enjoy life, making the most of their financial position, while still considering their family.


Michael: And how long have we been involved in Swindells, would you say?

Anne: 2007 I think it was, by the time we actually had phoned up and everything it was 2008.

Michael: Okay, yes, sounds like us.

Anne: Well, yes, it does take us a long time to get us organised.

Michael: Decisions for us aren’t the easiest, are they? Although getting married was quick!

Anne: We’ve known Duncan from before and that was really one of the impetuses to join Swindells.

Michael: And that was because we liked him. He met with us, and did he give us some work to do?

Anne: He gave us a questionnaire to fill in which, as usual, we left for ages and ages, but with his gentle prodding we finally managed to get it organised, and sent off; and actually, I think we both actually decided that it was quite a helpful thing to have done.

Michael: Yes, it showed exactly how much we spend and rather shocked us. He very quietly reminds us, without pushing us, and I think that’s the thing that I like most of all; we don’t like the hard sell, do we?

Anne: No, certainly meeting with him and then talking through the questionnaire and looking through at our expenditure and what we want to get out of our investments.

Michael: Yes, and he emphasised the fact that we needed to have enough money to enjoy ourselves, didn’t he?

Anne: Yes, well…

Michael: and not to leave enough to the children.

Anne: We were also thinking of the policy at Swindells, for thinking of the whole family, and he has always been interested in what the extended family are up to and actually, that’s quite nice to know.

Michael: So, would we recommend Duncan to anybody? Well we have already.

Anne: Yes, that’s very true that we have already recommended somebody and actually…

Michael: We would certainly recommend other people if they actually asked us.

Anne: And other family members.