Reassurance for you & your family

From London, Meg Everitt first met Duncan in 2003 at an extremely difficult time for her and her family.

Meg explains the support Duncan offered both then, and in the years since, understanding Meg’s needs and taking away her financial concerns.


I first met Duncan when my husband was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and terminal cancer, and my son was trying to recover and get this life back from this accident, he needed a lot of care and guidance with that. I needed money to pay for Peter’s fees, and also to help Paul set up a home on his own, but I didn’t have the time to organise all this.

Duncan came in and sorted all this out for me, which was a great relief. I felt that he really understood my needs and he would do what was right for me. This was very important. Later, when I decided to ask for money back from the NHS for paying for Peter’s fees, Duncan was also there with help and advice. He continues to be my mentor and friend in all things financial.