Why us

We are delighted and humbled that in a recent survey 100% of our clients said they would recommend us to their friends and family.

There are many reasons why our clients choose to work with us and why they are confident to recommend us to others, including their friends, family and work colleagues.

Here are just a few of them:

Developing a plan to achieve your objectives

We are financial planners.

That means we focus on you; your worries, concerns, goals and aspirations, not solely on your money or financial products, both of which are simply a means to an end. Whatever you want from life, we’ll put together a plan to achieve it.

“With a busy international travel schedule, I needed someone that got to grips with my needs; set me on the right course to achieve my financial objectives, gave me regular updates with course correction if required and that I had confidence and trust would deliver the requisite returns. Duncan has delivered on all fronts.”

Peter Barrett, Piltdown, East Sussex

A client since 2009

Providing and delivering a different approach

Duncan’s natural empathy ensures you feel you have an ally and trusted confidant in your corner; someone who has your best interests at the heart of everything he does. Treating you as he would hope other professional advisers treated his own family.

“We’ve tended not to feel much affinity with previous financial advisers. Duncan, however, is refreshingly untypical, with an informal yet authoritative, very individually-focused approach. He demonstrates a genuine interest in empathising with our perspective on life, applying his extensive knowledge to help us achieve it.”

Den & Sarah O’Dair, Brighton, East Sussex

A client since 2002

Local advice

We work with clients throughout the country, something made far easier due to the advances in technology.

However, within the local area our clients tell us that we are different to other advisers we’ve worked with and having a trusted confidant, close by, is hugely beneficial.

“Living in Brighton, it is important to us to have an expert and highly-experienced financial advisor close to hand.  This we have found in Duncan and the team at Swindells, and have tremendous confidence that they have our very best interest at heart.  We never feel pressured, and they are great at gently chasing to ensure momentum is maintained.  Great advice that we trust.”

The Rosenbergs, Brighton, East Sussex

A client since 2004

A sensible investment approach

Careful financial planning is key to achieving the aspirations you have for the years and decades to come. However, that’s not to say that your capital shouldn’t be managed carefully.

Again, this is where we differ.

Shunning the myth of stick picking and market timing in favour of an evidence-led approach, targeted at delivering the return you need to achieve your aspirations for an acceptable level of risk.

“Having regard to the current financial climate of uncertainty and restraint, Duncan Orr has steered my wife and I through a tricky course, maintaining healthy investment results and leaving us free to enjoy our retirement.  He has provided empathetic, commonsensical and reassuring advice and enjoys our complete confidence.”

Michael & Ruth McKeand, Bosham, West Sussex

A client since 2005

Delivering unparalleled service as well as our promises

We return the faith and trust our clients show in us by delivering service of the highest possible standard.

In an age when service levels from large corporations often lack that personal touch, we know it’s reassuring to our clients that we are there when they need us. In the meantime, we are working quietly in the background on their behalf.


“With a personal and professional approach, I find that Swindells Financial Planning is always very keen to listen to my requirements and answer any questions or queries I have.  I find the support and advice that they provide me throughout the year to be of great value, and overall, I think the level of service that they provide is great.”

Paul Georgeson, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire

A client since 2007

Providing confidence and peace of mind

They say that the best things in life are free. That may well be true. However, many of the future aspirations we have for ourselves and our family depend on the strength of our finances.

Through careful financial planning we’ll do everything in our power to ensure your finances, and future aspirations are in safe hands.

“I use Swindells for both my business accounting, and personal financial planning, and find them to be great at both.  I feel like I am in safe and proactive hands with Swindells and look forward to the continued benefits I will enjoy by all my financial needs being looked after and planned for through one good organisation.”

Colin Petts, Uckfield, East Sussex

A client since 2011