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David and Chrissie Ruderman from West Sussex have been a client of Duncan’s since 2001.

They talk about how he has helped them to live the lifestyle they want in retirement, travelling overseas to visit family, while enjoying life in their home by the sea. They also explain the faith they have in Duncan to help them make the right decisions.


David: I’ve spent 35 years working for a major international Pen Manufacturer, and during that time we built up a very good pension in the company’s scheme and also some external funds. So, when I decided to leave the business three years ago, it seemed appropriate to try and figure out what do with the money, whether to leave it in the company fund, whether to re-invest it. We needed some help. We needed to get a regular income, hopefully a rising income, that would give us the lifestyle that we need and want.

Chrissie: And we do like to travel, don’t we? We have family in Australia and grandchildren, and in London, so we’re off to London quite a lot, and we go to Australia every year. We love gardening, love to walk, and we’re so lucky now that we have a house near the beach.

David: We found that Duncan’s house, was a friendly house, it’s a knowledgeable house and he was able to advise us on everything we wanted to know, with the various funds we had. We would be able to collect all the funds we had, into one financial adviser’s house and that’s where Duncan at Swindells was very helpful in advising us the best way to move the money, the best way to invest the money to suit the lifestyle we want.

Chrissie: And one day, even though we don’t like to talk about it, one of us is going to be left on our own, to deal with all the financial things, as well as all the other problems there will be. So, pick up the phone, speak to Duncan and that’s one less worry to be thinking about.