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We specialise in working with two groups of people.

Our clients benefit from the specialist, in-depth knowledge, we have developed by only working with specific types of people.

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The first are people who want to make work optional.

Typically, in their mid-50s to mid-60s, their thoughts are turning to the future and the next stage of their life.

Finishing work, or at least making that an option, without reducing their standard of living means we need to use our skill and expertise to turn their pensions, savings and investments into an income, which will sustain them for the rest of their life.

It’s often also important that they leave a satisfactory legacy behind when they are both gone.

After years of working hard, raising a family and building a home we often find people can articulate their future aspirations. However, they are confused about their assets and how to deploy them effectively.

Our job is to cut through the confusion, providing the reassurance and confidence that work can indeed be optional.

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The second group is a generation older, probably in their 70s or 80s.

The goal of providing a sustainable income, sufficient to do all they want in life, remains. However, being older, they’re naturally concerned about the future legacy they will leave.

That means striking a balance, between spending now and enjoying the years ahead, while being able to help their loved ones now and after their death.

Most people we work with have an estate large enough to be caught by Inheritance Tax (IHT) when they die. We therefore spend much of our time helping to reduce their tax liability to ensure as much as possible remains in their family when they die.

Our aim is to give you the confidence that you won’t run out of money by living your preferred lifestyle, that you will be able to leave a legacy and that as much as possible will be left to people you choose and not disappear in tax.

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