Will your pension outlive you?

Pension benefit checklist

If the worst were to happen, do you know what will happen to your pension?

One incredibly important part of financial planning is understanding what benefits you may leave behind from any pension you hold.

Will your pension outlive you?

If you’re unsure or have never checked what happens to your pension after your death, this short video provides you with some pension checks.

Pension Benefits Checklist

00:45 – Do you know what income your spouse would receive from your Final Salary pension?
01:35 – Are you clear how your pension scheme defines a Spouse?
03:35 – Have you checked what your Personal Pension death benefits are?
05:35 – Older pensions or ex-Employer pensions, check them now
06:10 – Have you made the correct nomination to receive any pension benefits?

Pension benefits checklist

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