BlackBerry, Betting and Basketball

Pearls of Wisdom

Here’s a selection of timely pearls of wisdom from our investment partners at Dimensional Fund Advisers.

Who would have thought that BlackBerry mobile phones (hands up if you owned one too) would be usurped by competitors. A timely lesson if you’re looking at the “magnificent seven” stocks in the USA and thinking their dominance will continue uninterrupted.

The Next Blackberry

Looking beyond the investment returns of those “magnificent seven” shares (Nvidia, Meta, Tesla, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Apple).

Looking Beyond the Magnificent 7

“Understanding the balance between luck and skill in fund management is crucial.” David Jones explores this crucial concept, contrasting fund management with his own experiences and fortunes on the golf course and at the races.

A Day at the Races

Dimensional Founder David Booth, contrasts his love of Basketball with a lifetime of investing. “In both basketball and stockmarkets, we don’t know who is going to win, but we know someone is going to win—and that win will carry us all forward in some way.”

What I See When I Watch Basketball

Finally, we end with an article looking at three common investing mistakes, all three of which we regularly observe.

3 Common Investing Mistakes

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