Pensions have changed

Are you making the most of this opportunity?

The recipe to ageing happily doesn’t just include exercise and a healthy diet. According to a recent article in the Daily Telegraph ageing happily also includes saving for the future and properly planning your – retirement.

The pension landscape has changed dramatically since personal pensions were introduced in 1988. The onus and the risk have shifted from the employer to the employee. Decisions about pensions now more than ever need to be taken by the individual.

The most recent pension changes introduced in the 2014 Budget include unrestricted access to funds and therefore place even more onus on the individual.

These dramatic changes present huge opportunities to invest, save and plan

However, without the knowledge required for making decisions about where and how to invest, it’s thought that many people will continue to seek the security of conventional annuities for at least part of their funds. They are potentially missing out on the wide range of opportunities that these latest changes present.

Use your pension in a way that matches your circumstance

Your needs, wishes and future plans are going to be very different from that of your neighbour. These changes to the way that pensions can be used present you with additional financial planning flexibility, allowing you to more closely match your financial needs to your future and retirement dreams.

Making the right decisions

Being in possession of the right information will help you feel confident that the decisions you make about your pension are the right ones for you. Here at Swindells Financial Planning, we listen very closely to every client’s unique circumstance. Only then can we clearly explain the most appropriate options that you have to make the most of your pension, so that you can live the life you choose.

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