The purpose of this Investment Policy Statement is to provide you with a comprehensive and unambiguous record of Swindells Financial Planning Ltd’s investment philosophies, strategies and processes.  Our aim is to help you make smart decisions about your money and, ultimately, to enjoy the peace of mind that is the product of a successful investing experience.  The benefits of creating an Investment Policy Statement are:

  • You have a clear understanding of your attitude to investment risk
  • Your performance objectives and expectations are clarified
  • Misunderstandings are less likely
  • You understand our investment philosophies, strategies and processes
  • Approved procedures and the agreed means of evaluating the performance of your investments are recorded

Our desired outcome is to deliver to you the returns of asset class investing. That is: exposure to globally diversified markets, tilted towards small and value stocks, tempered with fixed income investments, less fees and taxes (where applicable). To achieve this outcome we will:

  • determine your individual capacity for investment risk and match it to the most appropriate investment portfolio
  • utilise a proven scientific approach to asset allocation and fund selection which employs the latest fund management software and online monitoring systems to help you achieve your investment objectives
  • review your existing investments to ensure they are in line with your current and future objectives
  • make recommendations to bring your existing investments into line with your risk profile and performance objectives
  • comprehensively report the progress of your investments in a quarterly investment bulletin giving information on the current performance and any recommendations which we deem necessary to achieve your ongoing objectives