Swindells Second Opinion Service

The ongoing financial crisis around the world, combined with fluctuating asset prices, has left many savers and investors fearful and bewildered. If you are questioning whether previous financial advice remains suitable to your current circumstances in these challenging times, we are offering the Swindells Financial Planning “Second Opinion” service.

This provides you with the peace of mind that:

  • You have a robust and dependable overall investment strategy that is likely to work over the longer term
  • You are reassured that your primary dreams, goals and financial objectives are still achievable
  • You are confident and clear that your overall finances are structured in a sensible and tax efficient manner

If you wish to benefit from this “Second Opinion” service, please contact us by email (seaford@swindellsfinancialplanning.co.uk), call us on 01323 894202, or fill out the Book a Consultation form on the below right of this page to arrange a meeting.