Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) responsibilities

Enhanced investment portfolios

We are introducing some significant enhancements to the investment portfolios we offer our clients and investors.

In this interview Duncan Orr, Director and Chartered Wealth Manager at Swindells, discusses the improvements with Craig Burgess, Founder and Chief Executive of Evidence Based Investing (EBI), our recommended investment managers.

Part of these advances is a recognition that we can no longer ignore the impact of environmental and social governance issues.

To listen to the interview with Craig, simply press the start button.


Here’s an index of our conversation should you prefer to forward to the topics that most interest you.

00:00 – Introduction to Evidence Based Investing (EBI) – Who are they and why do we use them?
01:40 – Explanation of the current portfolio structures and why we are now enhancing these (evidence based)
04:20 – Why these improvements are being made now
06:50 – The 3 new investment “factors” that are being introduced. Factor Facts download.
11:30 – Basic diversification explained and how its implemented
12:55 – Why Commercial property is being removed from our portfolios
15:30 – What evidence tells us about how to invest
19:30 – A definition of Environmental Social & Governance (ESG) or “People Planet & Profits”. Earth Portfolios download.
20:50 – Why Governance is so important when investing
22:00 – Historical challenges when trying to invest “ethically”
26:00 – How we will implement Governance & “responsible” investment
31:00 – Excluding “violator” companies from our portfolios
32:55 – How we practically do this i.e. Without excluding thousands or companies
36:10 – Learning from the Nokia experience
40:50 – Fund managers problems with ESG investing
42:20 – Investor security when using new funds
43:45 – Background to new companies who will manage your funds
50:45 – The partnership and collaboration between Swindells and EBI
54:00 – Why Swindells use EBI and “evidence based” model portfolios

To gain a better understanding of why we are making these changes, I strongly recommend you watch the following short FT videos.

Recent research has indicated that changing where your money is invested is 27x more effective in reducing your carbon footprint than going vegan, taking fewer flights and using less water, all put together.

If you would like to discuss any elements of the interview or have questions about your investment plans then please get in touch