Your wealth in retirement

“How do we manage our assets to remain financially independent?”

Careful management of your assets is vital if you are to remain financially independent and then leave a satisfactory legacy on your death.

That starts with a clear understanding of the income and capital you need to live your chosen lifestyle, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the assets and income streams you have available.

Using sophisticated financial planning software, we then produce a plan to model the most efficient way matching your income streams and assets to your requirements. The model is then stress tested, by considering different scenarios, for example the need for care, as well as changes to the economic environment, such as an increase in the rate of inflation.

Finally, our investment philosophy, based on decades of the finest global academic research underpins your financial plan, with the aim of providing the returns needed to make your aspirations a reality.

“We are worried about Inheritance Tax. How can we pass on our wealth in the most effective way and can we afford to?”

We have considerable experience and specialist skills in helping families and individuals minimise their Inheritance Tax liability, thereby increasing what their chosen beneficiaries will ultimately receive.

At the heart of any planning is a recognition and understanding that retaining your financial independence and ability to maintain your preferred lifestyle is absolutely paramount.

Additionally, we provide Trustee investment services to individuals and families for multi-generational investment and tax planning.


“How can I have confidence in the advice and recommendations I am given?”

In a recent survey 100% of our clients said they would happily recommend our services to their friends and family.

We believe this illustrates the confidence they have in our abilities.

That said we know clients need to remain confident that the financial plan we create remains on track to deliver its objectives. That’s why we recommend that all plans are reviewed regularly to ensure that any subsequent changes in your situation, the investment world, tax or legislative changes are incorporated into your own plan and that you remain on track to live the life you really want.


“How can we make sure we do not have to worry about long term care costs?”

Unfortunately, some of us will need care as we get older.

Given the wealth our clients typically enjoy it is highly unlikely they will receive any assistance from the state or local authority with the fees. It therefore falls to us as your financial planners to ensure your assets and income are arranged in a way which makes it possible to pay for your chosen care package with as little impact on your financial legacy as possible.