Working with your Financial Adviser

Working with your financial adviser

Numerous studies of clients working with Independent Financial Advisers confirm that one of the major perceived benefits for these clients is the sense of security they gain from a good working relationship with their Adviser.

Benefits of working with your Financial Adviser

We can do all we can to help clients and investors to create and stick with a viable long term plan, to keep ongoing fees and expenses as low as possible, to structure any investments using proven methods to ensure a successful investment experience, but if we can’t control our own behaviours all this could end up self-defeating.

Arguably the secret is to “tune out the noise”, to ignore the doom-mongers when markets start to fall and to keep a level head when they reach dizzying new heights. It’s about not being seduced by the financial media and the marketing departments of big financial institutions into buying this or that.

It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Human beings are very social animals. We like to do what others are doing, and we’re prone to a wide range of behavioural biases that make us extremely susceptible to persuasive narratives. We are, in Benjamin Graham’s famous words, our own worst enemy.

This short video from one of our Investment partners summarises these key points very neatly.


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