Will I run out of money in retirement?

Will I run out of money

Any mountain guide worth their salt will tell you that the skills needed to reach the summit are quite different to those for getting back down. They’ll help you understand the risks associated with both legs of the journey and do their best to help you avoid them.

Thankfully, most climbers avoid the dangers thanks to the Sherpas they hire to help carry gear, install ropes, and break tracks.

Reaching the summit of a mountain is an incredible achievement, but it’s a halfway point.

Retirement planning is akin to mountaineering in many ways. Accumulating your savings is the ascent and spending them is the descent. Financial planners are like mountain guides – financial Sherpas if you like.

If you’ve recently retired or are just about to do so, congratulations! You’ve reached the peak of the mountain. You’ve worked very hard and saved carefully over the last few decades. However, it’s only half the battle. Now, your challenge is to make sure that you don’t run out of money.

Many factors contribute to a successful retirement; figuring what you’re going to do with your time, keeping physically and mentally active, and managing your financial resources in a way that helps you achieve what matters to you.

Click the link to download our guide to sustaining your retirement income – Will I run out of money, which is dedicated to the financial aspect – specifically, how to make sure your retirement portfolio lasts for as long as you need.

We believe that everyone benefits from having a retirement Sherpa; a financial planner who applies robust and empirical evidence to retirement income planning.