Making better decisions with financial numeracy

better decisions with financial numeracy

Being able to fully understand how numbers and data can impact your decision making when it comes to financial planning, is a competency that will serve you well.

Featured below, is a podcast and an interesting discussion with National Numeracy Chief Executive, Mike Ellicock MBA.

National Numeracy is a UK Charity aiming to “help individuals become competent and confident using numbers and data in their day to day lives”. The Charity has a number of high profile supporters, Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert), Andy Haldane (Chief Economist at the Bank of England) and Rachel Riley (Countdown).

Mike’s background is in business, education, the Army (Parachute regiment) and sport (Guinness World Record for fastest marathon carrying a 20lbs pack (2 hours 56 minutes).

During the discussion, Mike refers to a fun and relaxed maths challenge, it only takes around 30 minutes and can be found by following the Numeracy challenge.

Mike also refers to a bestselling book written by Nobel prize Winner Daniel Kahneman. If nothing else, purchase the book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, and simply skip to the concise summary and conclusion of each chapter.

Finally, Mike has also featured in a recent Podcast with the Financial Times Clear Barrett, another very informative interview, which can be found at FT Podcast.

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Mike Ellicock’s Podcast can be down loaded from here.

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