Annuities and Allowances in the Budget

There were a couple of points from the budget that will help savers, which we’d like to bring to your attention .


From 2016/17, it is proposed that access to the new flexibility of pensions will be extended to annuitants by allowing savers to sell their annuities – if their provider allows them to.

The lump sum received can be held within the personal pension environment for flexible access, used to buy a flexible annuity or taken as a taxable lump sum.

Consultation is already underway on the fine detail of these proposals. It remains to be seen whether this freedom will be extended to those already locked into a DB pension income that doesn’t best meet their needs.


Also from 2016/17, the pension lifetime allowance (LTA) will be cut to £1M from the current £1.25M.

It’s proposed that this allowance will be indexed in line with inflation from 2018/19, to help maintain its real value going forward. Government estimate this will affect around 4% of pension savers. 

A new transitional protection option will be introduced to allow savers already above the reduced £1M LTA to lock into a higher allowance. There are no plans to revisit the pension annual allowance.

Making the most of your savings

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