15th May is National Numeracy Day

National Numercay Day

We’re proud to be a Champion of National Numeracy Day, the annual celebration of numbers and how we all use them in everyday life.

On National Numeracy Day we will be helping to raise awareness of the scale and impact of poor numeracy in the UK and encouraging everyone to sharpen their skills and build their confidence. Being better with numbers isn’t a special talent, it’s something we can all learn.

Find out more about the day and how we’re helping to improve numeracy levels across the UK

It’s time to change the culture around numeracy, because we all use numbers in our day-to-day lives. We are all numbers people. Did you know that 1 in 2 working-age people in the UK struggle with numbers? (49%) of working age UK adults currently have the numeracy levels of a primary school age child, which has a significant negative impact on them, on employers and on society overall.

We’re encouraging everyone to check their number skills. Many of us feel uneasy when faced with numbers, but we all use them every day. We are all numbers people!

Check your skills by supporting #NationalNumeracyDay to help more people feel confident with numbers and improve their skills.

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