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Q & A's - Thinking Of Retirement

Can we afford to live the life we really want?

We provide you with a tangible understanding of where you are now with your pensions and investments by creating with you a visible and realistic yet adaptable model of your entire financial situation and show you how to utilise these assets to reach your goals.

We will give you the leadership and advice required to ensure you stay focused on your financial goals.

What are my options at retirement, and what is the right choice for me and my family?

Retirement planning and options available have changed dramatically following recent Government changes (Pension freedom – 6th April 2015)

Our expert advice includes all of the latest pension changes and freedoms available to you and how you can effectively plan and take advantage of these new opportunities.

What about our assets, pensions and investments? We need a trusted adviser to provide us with an understanding and recommendations

Sound and dependable investment management advice is vital once you have stopped or you reduce your working time.

Alongside this investment advice, it is essential for any advice to consider from where you would be best served drawing any income or capital, what is most tax efficient and what might be the most effective Inheritance Tax plan?

Our investment philosophy, based on decades of the finest global academic research, is matched to your own experiences and perception of risk, the level of risk you actually need to take to achieve your goals and crucially, your current and future financial capacity to ride out unexpected financial events.

Is my Will and estate in order to pass my wealth onto the next generation in the most effective way?

We have the specialism required and access to legal services that enables a holistic approach to long term care planning both at point of need and future funding.

Our specialist and practiced inheritance tax planning services can ensure that your wealth can be passed to the people you want it to be passed to in the most tax efficient manner.

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At Swindells Financial Planning we understand everyone is different, and our advice process reflects this.

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I want to thank you for your time, input and advice over the years over my pension and retirement.  I enjoyed working with you and would not hesitate to recommend you and your services.

Bill Swan, Ontario, Canada

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