Our Responsibilities

In addition to any responsibilities imposed by law or by the rules of the Financial Services Authority, our responsibilities are:

  1. When so requested by you, to help you decide on a suitable asset allocation policy.  To recommend pensions, offshore bonds, individual savings accounts, unit trusts, investment trusts and/or investments managed by insurance companies and/or others and to attempt to arrange for you the investments you select….
  2. You have not imposed any specific restrictions on the type of investments you may wish to consider; thereby leaving Swindells Financial Planning Ltd free to suggest whatever may seem appropriate having regard to your circumstances at any particular time.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, it is understood and agreed that Swindells Financial Planning Ltd is not a manager of investments.  When so requested, Swindells Financial Planning Ltd will recommend managers (e.g. Vanguard & Dimensional) and will monitor the performance of those managers.
  4. When so requested by you, to use its best endeavours to provide valuations of the investments it has arranged for you.
  5. It is understood and agreed that Swindells Financial Planning Ltd should use its best endeavours to exceed your investment performance expectations but will incur no liability to you if unsuccessful.

Your Responsibilities

  1. To review this Investment Policy Statement and satisfy yourself that it is acceptable to you before you sign it.  If any points are not absolutely clear you should discuss them with Swindells Financial Planning Ltd.
  2. To advise Swindells Financial Planning Ltd in writing if at some future date the terms of the Statement become unacceptable to you.
  3. To advise Swindells Financial Planning Ltd in writing if you anticipate any significant encashment of your equity linked investments within the next five years.  This means a rolling five years.  Swindells Financial Planning Ltd normally recommends such investments on the assumption that, emergencies excepted, they will be held for at least 5 to 7 years and if you identify a future need to release capital from your portfolio it would be helpful for Swindells Financial Planning Ltd to be aware of this.
  4. To read any investment literature provided for you by Swindells Financial Planning Ltd or by the managers of your investments and to notify Swindells Financial Planning Ltd if there are any points which you do not understand.  You retain absolute discretion over all investment and implementation decisions.
  5. To advise Swindells Financial Planning Ltd in writing if you wish any specific ‘ethical’ concerns to be considered before investment advice is given to you.  This could cover, for example, particular industries such as alcohol, armaments or tobacco or might relate to investment in countries with a political regime which you would find unacceptable.  You should note that with collective investments, other than the small number of specifically ‘ethical’ funds, it may not be possible to identify from day to day the exact constituents of a fund in which you have invested or in which you are considering investing so it would be appreciated if you would stipulate investment constraints only in relation to those matters about which you feel strongly.  To date you have made no such stipulation.
  6. Should you wish to follow our ongoing advice, to reply to e-mail correspondence recommending any fund switches, promptly and clearly.
  7. To maintain a disciplined approach to investment.