Robin Stevenson, Chartered Tax Advisor and Trust & Estates Practitioner

Robin has a background of Nationwide top-10 accountancy firms and boasts nearly 30 years’ experience in advising and solving tax challenges for high net worth individuals and families.

Having a Chartered Tax Adviser and a Trust & Estate Practitioner providing expertise adds real value to our client offering because it allows us to deal in-house with a wide range of complex Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax questions.

Being an ex-chairman of the Sussex branch of the Chartered Institute of Tax, a current committee member of STEP, the tax & private client partner of Swindells Chartered Accountants, and a director of Swindells Financial Planning means clients always receive comprehensive and well-rounded advice.

Robin’s ethos is to make every client feel as though they are the only client.

Contact Robin

Telephone: 01825 763366 – Direct Dial: 01825 745945 – Mobile: 07817 217857



I want to thank you for your time, input and advice over the years over my pension and retirement.  I enjoyed working with you and would not hesitate to recommend you and your services.

Bill Swan, Ontario, Canada

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