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Q & A's - Your Wealth In Retirement

How do we manage our assets to remain financially independent?

We firmly believe that a comprehensive understanding of all of your assets and income streams is essential to enable an accurate and meaningful answer to “how much do we really need to live the life we really want”

We seek an understanding of all of your pensions, investments, properties and income streams to ensure advice we provide has the highest probability of success and provides you with maximum value.

Our investment philosophy, based on decades of the finest global academic research, is matched to your own experiences and perception of risk, the level of risk you actually need to take to achieve your goals and crucially, your current and future financial capacity to ride out unexpected financial events.

We are worried about inheritance tax. How can we pass on our wealth in the most effective way & can we afford to?

We have considerable experience and specialist skills in helping families and individuals minimise their Inheritance Tax liability, thereby increasing what their chosen beneficiaries will ultimately inherit.

At the heart of any planning is a recognition and understanding that retaining your financial independence and ability to maintain your preferred lifestyle is absolutely paramount.

Additionally, we provide Trustee investment services to individuals and families for multi generational investment and tax planning.

I need confidence in the advice and recommendations I am given.

We recognise that any advice we provide should be reviewed regularly to ensure that any subsequent changes in your own situation, changes in the investment world, tax or legislative changes are incorporated into your own plan and that you remain on track to live the life you really want.

Our interactive planning will always provide you with an accurate and realistic overall picture of your own financial situation.

How can we make sure we do not have to worry about long term care costs?

We can show you how the effects of long term care cost can impact your financial plans and provide you with strategies to plan for this eventuality.

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At Swindells Financial Planning we understand everyone is different, and our advice process reflects this.

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I want to thank you for your time, input and advice over the years over my pension and retirement.  I enjoyed working with you and would not hesitate to recommend you and your services.

Bill Swan, Ontario, Canada

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