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Learn how Swindells Financial Planning can help solve your unique financial challenges.

We provide clients with three fundamental and key benefits:

We actively specialise in helping individuals and families who have significant Inheritance Tax liabilities and are seeking strategies and solutions to reduce this, we also enjoy working with individuals who have accumulated large pension funds and are seeking advice on how best to use these and their other assets to fund their lifestyle after ceasing work.

Recognising the need for simplicity over complexity, we focus on you as an individual and your unique financial and lifestyle challenges, and deliver a highly responsive and bespoke planning service. Stockmarkets may be volatile, but our values are steadfast.

At Swindells Financial Planning we are passionate about providing clients with individual, independent and impartial advice, enabling them to feel confident and secure about their financial future and inspired to lead the life that they really want.

We want to change the way you think about investing. We use decades of the finest global academic research to provide you with a disciplined, structured and ultimately successful investment experience. We will not speculate, forecast or attempt to crystal-ball gaze in the way that others in the financial services industry do. We believe that approach to be flawed, detrimental to your wealth and outdated.

Swindells Financial Planning has a client base across Sussex and beyond. At a free initial consultation we fully explain our fee structure – and the value you can expect in return.


I want to thank you for your time, input and advice over the years over my pension and retirement.  I enjoyed working with you and would not hesitate to recommend you and your services.

Bill Swan, Ontario, Canada

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