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  • Manage your wealth

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  • Anticipating retirement
  • Retiring now & exploring options
  • Asset management in retirement

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  • Maintaining Financial Independence
  • Managing Family Wealth
  • Inheritance Tax Planning

At Swindells Financial Planning we understand everyone is different, and our advice process reflects this.

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Should you repay a child’s student loan

Parents and Grandparents often have the very best intentions and interests of their children and grandchildren at heart when it comes to paying off or ensuring their offspring don’t leave University with any debt, but is this the wrong thing to be doing? The FT’s Clear Barrett and Naomi Rovnick made this brilliantly concise 2 […]

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Index Funds: Award winning documentary

The 12 step Recovery Programme for Active Investors is a documentary film that highlights what works in investing and what doesn’t. The film was produced and made in the United States by Mark Hebner, but there is overwhelming evidence that the fundamental lessons underpinning this documentary are transatlantic and should be followed by all UK […]

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The Million Pound Inheritance Tax Myth

In the year 2007 If you cast your mind back to 2007, you may remember the then Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, announce that the Tories, if elected, would raise the inheritance tax (IHT) free threshold (otherwise known as the nil rate band) to one million pounds per individual. This promise made at the Conservative Party […]

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Power of the market working for you

Price action on the Stock Markets When we talk about the way we invest you might hear us saying: ‘We believe prices are fair’; that ‘We believe in the power of markets’; or that ‘We believe there is information in prices’. These are different ways of saying largely the same thing—that: ‘We believe the market […]

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